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Choosing a company to paint your home or business is a big decision. Whether it is new construction, a remodel or an historical restoration, Gaskin painting can meet your needs. Our quality is peerless, and we will do our best to minimize our presence in your home or business and respect the integrity of the structures on which we are working.


The protection of your home, its flooring and furnishings is of utmost importance to us. Prior to preparation and painting, we will carefully and thoroughly contain, cover and mask items and surfaces in the rooms in which we are working to ensure they are kept clean and sheltered.

Thorough preparation is the key to our work and usually the most time-consuming part of the job. Surfaces will be properly cleaned, holes and cracks filled, and surfaces will be sanded and primed as needed to ensure your paint finish looks beautiful and lasts.

Premium paint products will be applied using quality applicators (brushes, rollers and sprayers), with hand sanding between coats as needed to ensure even coating and a smooth, fine finish.


The protection of your home and landscaping is of utmost importance. Prior to preparation and painting, we will carefully remove or cover and mask items and surfaces in the areas in which we are working to ensure they are kept clean. This includes sheltering trees, shrubs, walkways, patios, windows, brick work, roofs, hardware, etc.

There are times where it will be necessary to trim trees and shrubs so that we can get our job done the right way. We will try to minimize this as much as possible.

Proper preparation is key! Although this part of the job takes a bit of time, you will see the difference in the end results.

Prior to painting, area where mildew is present will be treated with a bleach solution. Your home or building will be pressure washed with a high-pressure washer to remove all dirt, cobwebs, mildew and any other loose material.

Any remaining loose paint will be removed by scraping, and any loose nails will be reset. Windows will be resealed as needed, and any cracks will be caulked.

All bare wood will be primed with a high-grade oil primer.

The entire exterior of the home will be painted with a high-quality, 100% acrylic latex paint. The siding will be back-brushed after spraying to ensure good penetration and even surface sheen. All siding will be completely double-coated to ensure lasting durability.

Trim patterns, doors, shutters, etc. will be painting to match or accent your new paint job.


Whether your structure is a new build or an old-timer, we can help you bring out the beauty of your woodwork. We can work with you to decide which paint or stain would best fit your style. Brian Gaskin has extensive experience painting out dark woodwork for a more contemporary look, refinishing and restoring woodwork so its original luster shines through, and starting from scratch with bare woodwork, to help you bring your vision to life!